We are a team of horoscope specialist that have taken blogging on the internet as a hobby. To provide interesting insight to fellow horoscope hobbyists as well as those already specialised in the practice. We take our hobby very seriously, and in fact i has become a lives work for some of us involved. Your blog host, Lynn Stars will be running the site and bringing forth all kinds of interesting articles related to the subject.

This site is dedicated to the study of horoscopes, through a global mindset. We will travel to different corners of the world, to examine how horoscope reading has effected people and their everyday lives. Our aim is to bring objective and worthwhile information to the public, and we will even find places were no one believes in horoscopes to examine the possible reasons for such cause.

Our promise is to absorb everything that is wonderful about horoscopes and report them to you like a breath of fresh air in the starry night sky. Thank you for reading and we humbly hope that you enjoy the new HiScopes blog!

Lynn Stars