Can You Trust Amazon Customer Reviews or Your Horoscope

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A lot of people make huge effort in order to create great products. Either with the motive of making a huge profit, or simply because they are passionate about something. For quite some time I have been watching the review system on the Amazon e-commerce website. And I have come to the conclusion that, well. It’s actually not easy to come to such a good conclusion regarding the very important trust issue. We know that there are a lot of products on Amazon that are very interesting. Including tarot cards, healing crystals, astrology and mythology books. Actually there is just about anything interested that covers not just horoscopes, but meditation, wellness, spirituality, mysticism and health which are very closely related to the subject of stars.

I have never really figured it out why in this kind of an area there are so many people keen to cheat and create false products. It makes it very hard at times to find people who are sincere and making a contribution to our planet. While those contributors are big in numbers, they still manage to often enough sink within the real of online shopping. To aid us in uncertain times, I found a brilliant text about ‘Amazon customer reviews‘ and how to know which ones to trust, and which ones not. Turns out that we, the spiritual people need to wise up and update our online methodology to the modern times. This doesn’t mean giving up on ancient wisdom and knowledge of the stars, and daily horoscopes. Instead, it simply means that it’s time to create balance with the modern and ever changing world we live in.

Amazon is one of those websites, where you can find anything. Which can be very tempting but it’s better to wise up in this area also. One very interesting method I have used, is to consult my horoscope to if to make a purchase or not. Yes, believe it or not I don’t leave everything up to the customer reviews on their site. If the stars are aligned correctly and the prospect seems good in the moment, I take my chances. Especially if it’s full moon, that is the period in time when the effect on the sun and venus are less.. which results in more shopping decisions. If I am short on cash, I simply do something else on a day like that to avoid going bankrupt!

If you are ever looking for books that you can trust on Amazon. I suggest, “The Untethered Soul”, subtitled: “The Journey Beyond Yourself” (written by the amazing Michael A. Singer), which gives you a great start on discovering the here and now within yourself. Ones you have this basis you can grasp on to know more about what you want to look for inside of yourself. Then ultimately you are able to make a lot better decisions in life that lead you to an interesting path for your being. Interestingly so, this definitely includes buying decisions that are based not only on the trust of others, but also in the trust of yourself. And if that’s not enough, check out the books by “Peter Scazzero”. A less known but even more brilliant author I have been keen on reading lately amongst spiritual books.

For a post on horoscope books I could do a separate one at a later time. Until now, enjoy shopping at amazon and let’s hope that the customer reviews are going to be a well balanced experience for you. And good luck of course!

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