What is the Purpose of Horoscopes?

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I’ve been often asked this question: “What is the purpose of horoscopes?” and from time to time, I even ask it from myself. Because the answer is not at all simple. In fact, it keeps evolving in time as you evolve with it. Walking together with the answer that is subject to change at any time, is basically what horoscopes is all about. Many people use it to predict the future, but before you can actually get desired results there is another question. This question is far more important to ask, and it is:

What do I want from Horoscopes?

If your answer is to see into the future. Then, I can tell you my friend that this is a rather superficial approach to the question. You might ‘think’ that you want to predict the future. But the why is obviously left unclear. If you really think about it, what purpose will it have if you can see into the future, really. The answer is that there is no purpose. It is simply a game of the mind, that wants safety from uncertainty. That is not what horoscopes are, and never will be. Meaning that most people have totally misunderstood it for selfish purposes.

Horoscopes are something much more beautiful, something that you can actually benefit from. It is a tool for looking into the here and now. To learn something deep and profound of yourself that gives you the resources to start your inner discovery. Used in this way, the possibilities are endless because you start to grow with it. Not ahead of it, which is a pretty ridiculous thought from that start anyway. That’s why I built this site in a blog format, where I can discuss the issues that are really important with the starts. The word prediction is often used, but I believe that human kind has twisted it’s meaning with their minds. Ego is not an enemy, but it does make things rather difficult. By using proper “prediction” techniques, we can surpass the mind and get deep into what tells us something that will change us for ever.

And that my dear friends and readers, is what this blog is all about. To unravel the mystery that is different for everyone, a different road and a different path. Our work, is simply to show the light towards a direction that is not yesterday, not tomorrow.

The time is now and the stars are here.

Daily regards,
Lynn Becky.


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