History of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Massage

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Did you know, that both astrology and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are more than 2,000 years old. Along with the introduction of Babylonian astrology, came the Chinese with their healing innovation through a wide range of practices, both medical, physical and spiritually transformative. Even though this form is still highly popular in China and even abroad, it has never been accepted by the western medical society. Despite the overwhelming fact, that numerous sickness, physical and mental problems are being cured with it every day. This doesn’t go without saying that a part of it would be based on a simple belief system, without questioning the real effects. But a commonly accepted approach to Chinese medicine is not to dismiss it, but neither to blindly accept it. Similar to astrology, the use motive is vitally important in achieving desired results.

Massage Spa in Shanghai

China is also known for many massage techniques, which are used together with other therapy methods such as acupuncture. But little are common people aware of the magnificent healing power of massage when done correctly as perfected during the many ancient dynasties. This is why it’s important to understand that massage is an important part of TCM. Without the understanding of a holistic concept of healing, the effects will be short lasted and reduced to simple pleasure.

Stepping into a massage spa, or parlor in China looks very familiar to a western similar establishment (see picture above). With dim lights and comfortable chairs, that can change position from upright to horizontal. But don’t be fooled, as the experience you might have in a big city like Shanghai for example is something totally different. While comfort is of key importance, often enough there is “no gain without pain” as is a more western-known concept. In fact these massage therapy sessions can be rather vigorous and painful at times. Which is an important part of the process, to open locks in your muscles by kneading, pushing, twisting and stretching. The energy is moved along the meridians to create a harmonious balance in the body.

That is why whole body massage is taken with all the clothes on, and no oils are being used. Going directly to the cause of streets or fatigue in your body, a skillful masseur will be able to maneuver through the mental tangles that are strained in your body. And of course, straighten them out leaving you with a soothing but often at times an odd feeling. This is the transformative power of traditional Chinese massage, that is like a world of it’s own.

Chinese Foot Massage

Foot massage might look like simple, relaxing fun to feel good and rejuvenate the feet. While this is part of the truth, it is actually one of the most painful forms of massage available in China today. Unfortunately shops have become aware of pain avoiding foreign visitors and convenient for them, started providing softer types of massage more suitable for the expectations. This will make the work easier for the masseur because less force needs to be applied.

If one is serious about finding a quality massage experience in China or the city of Shanghai, it is absolutely vital to have a good recommendation from someone who can advice a place with not only licensed masseurs but one that has staff that can connect with your physique and bring amazing results. While all kinds of experience is important and easily attained with inexpensive rates, it is highly recommended to check out the Massage Guide in Shanghai to ask for a suitable, nearby parlor. In the end, it is important not just to find a suitable and safe parlor, but also to find a person that you can connect with and have frequent therapy sessions with.

It is advised to steer away from dodgy shops that are all over Shanghai. Their services are often tilted towards sexual, or simply pleasure seeking. With many cases of fraud and even some dangerous circumstances are possible. But as mentioned, it’s really not just that but finding a professional service that can really take you to the original experience of this beautiful, ancient Chinese tradition is what can make your trip to Shanghai or other parts of China magical!


Can You Trust Amazon Customer Reviews or Your Horoscope

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A lot of people make huge effort in order to create great products. Either with the motive of making a huge profit, or simply because they are passionate about something. For quite some time I have been watching the review system on the Amazon e-commerce website. And I have come to the conclusion that, well. It’s actually not easy to come to such a good conclusion regarding the very important trust issue. We know that there are a lot of products on Amazon that are very interesting. Including tarot cards, healing crystals, astrology and mythology books. Actually there is just about anything interested that covers not just horoscopes, but meditation, wellness, spirituality, mysticism and health which are very closely related to the subject of stars.

I have never really figured it out why in this kind of an area there are so many people keen to cheat and create false products. It makes it very hard at times to find people who are sincere and making a contribution to our planet. While those contributors are big in numbers, they still manage to often enough sink within the real of online shopping. To aid us in uncertain times, I found a brilliant text about ‘Amazon customer reviews‘ and how to know which ones to trust, and which ones not. Turns out that we, the spiritual people need to wise up and update our online methodology to the modern times. This doesn’t mean giving up on ancient wisdom and knowledge of the stars, and daily horoscopes. Instead, it simply means that it’s time to create balance with the modern and ever changing world we live in.

Amazon is one of those websites, where you can find anything. Which can be very tempting but it’s better to wise up in this area also. One very interesting method I have used, is to consult my horoscope to if to make a purchase or not. Yes, believe it or not I don’t leave everything up to the customer reviews on their site. If the stars are aligned correctly and the prospect seems good in the moment, I take my chances. Especially if it’s full moon, that is the period in time when the effect on the sun and venus are less.. which results in more shopping decisions. If I am short on cash, I simply do something else on a day like that to avoid going bankrupt!

If you are ever looking for books that you can trust on Amazon. I suggest, “The Untethered Soul”, subtitled: “The Journey Beyond Yourself” (written by the amazing Michael A. Singer), which gives you a great start on discovering the here and now within yourself. Ones you have this basis you can grasp on to know more about what you want to look for inside of yourself. Then ultimately you are able to make a lot better decisions in life that lead you to an interesting path for your being. Interestingly so, this definitely includes buying decisions that are based not only on the trust of others, but also in the trust of yourself. And if that’s not enough, check out the books by “Peter Scazzero”. A less known but even more brilliant author I have been keen on reading lately amongst spiritual books.

For a post on horoscope books I could do a separate one at a later time. Until now, enjoy shopping at amazon and let’s hope that the customer reviews are going to be a well balanced experience for you. And good luck of course!

HipScopes – Daily Horoscopes expert & author,
Lynn Becky.


What is the Purpose of Horoscopes?

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I’ve been often asked this question: “What is the purpose of horoscopes?” and from time to time, I even ask it from myself. Because the answer is not at all simple. In fact, it keeps evolving in time as you evolve with it. Walking together with the answer that is subject to change at any time, is basically what horoscopes is all about. Many people use it to predict the future, but before you can actually get desired results there is another question. This question is far more important to ask, and it is:

What do I want from Horoscopes?

If your answer is to see into the future. Then, I can tell you my friend that this is a rather superficial approach to the question. You might ‘think’ that you want to predict the future. But the why is obviously left unclear. If you really think about it, what purpose will it have if you can see into the future, really. The answer is that there is no purpose. It is simply a game of the mind, that wants safety from uncertainty. That is not what horoscopes are, and never will be. Meaning that most people have totally misunderstood it for selfish purposes.

Horoscopes are something much more beautiful, something that you can actually benefit from. It is a tool for looking into the here and now. To learn something deep and profound of yourself that gives you the resources to start your inner discovery. Used in this way, the possibilities are endless because you start to grow with it. Not ahead of it, which is a pretty ridiculous thought from that start anyway. That’s why I built this site in a blog format, where I can discuss the issues that are really important with the starts. The word prediction is often used, but I believe that human kind has twisted it’s meaning with their minds. Ego is not an enemy, but it does make things rather difficult. By using proper “prediction” techniques, we can surpass the mind and get deep into what tells us something that will change us for ever.

And that my dear friends and readers, is what this blog is all about. To unravel the mystery that is different for everyone, a different road and a different path. Our work, is simply to show the light towards a direction that is not yesterday, not tomorrow.

The time is now and the stars are here.

Daily regards,
Lynn Becky.


Another Bright Beijing Start at Happy Valley Show

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I’ve had yet another great honour of visiting a stunning show in Beijing. It is perhaps the destiny of my horoscope to engage in brilliant performances that make me grow and learn as a person on this earth. The show is held at the Happy Valley in Beijing which accommodates the huge and magnificent OCT Theatre, where the stars are born and aligned. Here is my personal experience from there!

Golden Mask Dynasty Happy Valley


The Golden Mask Dynasty Show is an original Chinese grand musical drama which plays at the Happy Valley OCT Theater in Chaoyang District, Beijing. The captivating show tells the fairy-like tale of a queen who wore a golden mask and created one of the most magnificent dynasties in ancient China. It is a story of royalty, wars, love, romance, forgiveness, and sacrifice.

— Find out about the amazing show from the Happy Valley Beijing website!

The 70-minute show features 20 different dance sequences which represent the harmony and romantic ethos of the legend. Audiences will be thrilled and mesmerised by the singing, dancing, martial arts, acrobatics, and other awesome acts performed by over 200 highly skilled performers and actors. Produced by Chinese directors, playwrights, and designers and first shown over ten years ago, the Golden Mask Dynasty Show has continued to evolve and received much critical acclaim and attained cult status over the years.

The Happy Valley OCT Theater

OCT or Overseas Chinese Town sponsored the Golden Mask Dynasty drama play together with the Happy Valley where the actual theatre is located and put in millions of yuans to construct the theater for the show. The theater is spread across 22,000 sq. meters and adorned with a chic ambiance. The atmosphere in the interiors is wondrous and is embellished with a magnificent stage that is shaped like an arc and considered as the ‘first big proscenium’ in Beijing. The unique design of the 7 meters high and 16 meters long stage allows it to do a 360 degree turn. The performers and actors can still stay on the stage and keep dancing when the stage is rotating!

The OCT Theater features numerous advanced stage technologies such as use of audio devices that throws out voices to all corners of the stage so that viewers can hear every sound, use of three-dimensional N+N multi-channel fantasy control technology, and excellent viewing angles from everywhere, thereby making the show a spectacular visual-audio treat.

The Golden Mask Dynasty Show

Divided into eight chapters, the Golden Mask Dynasty Show in Beijing tells the magical story of the Golden Mask Queen of ancient mystical China. The queen wore a golden mask and created one of the most glorious dynasties in China. She led her army and marched against the Blue Mask King and defeated him.

After the war was over, the Golden Mask Queen forged an ‘enigmatic tree’ so as to seek blessings for the dynasty and her subjects. A majestic celebration was held when the tree grew up. The Queen also released the soldiers of the Blue Dynasty. This act of compassion and tolerance moved the Blue Dynasty king and he started admiring the queen. They soon fell in love and romance blossomed.

Later, the kingdom was wrecked by monstrous floods. The queen sacrificed herself after seeking guidance from the tree so as to stop the floods. Before she sacrificed herself, she bade farewell to the Blue king. The floods soon subsided. The king continued to love the queen and the subjects of the kingdom were grateful for her sacrifice.

The queen later turned into a golden beautiful sunbird. She continued to look out for the well-being and happiness of the people of her kingdom by flying across the skies above her kingdom.

..Or at least, so the story goes. Hope you enjoyed my experience and hope to get back to horoscopes soon. Until then, if you are in Beijing.. simply do not miss the Happy Valley experience!


The Stars That Took me to China & Chaoyang Theater Acrobatics

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The stars have a different story for everyone, and mine was ultimately connected with the most unlike of things, the acrobatics show at Chaoyang Theater. This is the very beginning towards my passion to theatre performance, but more about that a little later.

Acrobatics to the Stars!

What’s interesting is that all the stories are connected to each other. It’s a gratifying feeling to know, that you are part of a whole and not just some loose object in space. Everything has purpose, meaning.. every decision you make in your path is for a purpose. Even if the outcome is negative, positive or anything in between there is a valuable lesson to be learned in it. No matter how you try, every turn is inevitable. Otherwise you would not make that turn. With that in mind, it’s beautiful to think how we still are just doing our own thing. It’s that very combination that has personally led me to some extremely interesting situations in life.. situations that I could not anticipate and ones that surprised me because I had never even thought about them and I still end up doing them.

This manifestation of my horoscope has often come to me in the form of traveling to China. I have already traveled extensively around the world, and for a long time I hardly even went to Asia. I was mostly interested in Europe, South & North America, Australia.. and if I would go to Asia that would probably be just India and Nepal. Some magnificent place to see the stars and meet wise people who know a lot about horoscopes.. but all the rest of the Asia was totally unforgotten. Until one day, I just ended up visiting for a short while.. it was going to be just a short stop over but something happened and I stayed to live there for almost two years. On that very, same trip! I just sometimes had to visit Hong Kong to get a new visa so that I can extend my stay in the Chinese mainland. Those were the times and the country is still very dear to me.

And not just China, but what ended up changing my life for good was the beautiful experience at the Chaoyang Theater venue on my visit to Beijing. This was probably the most unlikely of events to happen in my life, since I never had even the slightes thought about going to see any acrobatics show. Well, as with a lot of stories there was a good Chinese friend who invited me to see it. I thought to myself, that why not and there I went. That was a particularly good day for me.. and that cannot be said about every day in China at all. I was feeling a little excited even, and wondered where this feeling is coming from.. could it be the stars? Surely something was about to teach me a thing or to about life I thought to myself. Well, I went to the show and I ended up loving it. With absolute attention since I could hardly speak throughout the whole acrobatic performance.. there was just something magic in the air at the Chaoyang Theater that was difficult to discribe. Of course, the stunts are amazing.. but that kind of a non-realistic circus-like atmosphere that is actually elegant and made with great Chinese pride. It’s really strange combination of modern performance, and traditional Chinese acts. Many of which almost reached the stars, like the acrobatic performer who was piling two dozen chairs on top of each other, reaching the cealing of the theater building! Oh my god, it was just thrilling and sitting there right in the middle of that fantastic show was too much fun.

And the most amazing is yet to come, because I ended up working for the Chaoyang Theater!! Now can you imagine that.. this was the final tipping point of my story and the ultimate destiny of my daily horoscope on that very precious day.. when the moon was at a favorable position. I got to meet the acrobats every day, and work with them.. helping out with the stage and sometimes even giving suggestions on how to improve the show. And that is not said lightly, since it is really considered as the best acrobatics show in the whole of Beijing.. if not the whole of China. It’s a proud achievement, from both me and the peking acrobats themselves of course.

If you are interested in the show, or perhaps thinking of visiting Beijing some day.. maybe it’s your destiny.. who knows right! Anyway, I highly recommend that you watch the acrobatic show beijing sneak peak video on YouTube to get a glimpse of what’s to come. It won’t show you too much so there aren’t really any spoilers. No matter how many videos you would watch, it’s always going to be a hundred times more amazing than that.

This was the story of my path towards China.. which is one that left an experience for life and continues to live with me. I constantly visit the country and try to invite my Chinese friends.. especially some of the performers (that are unfortunately very busy of course..) to see me here in Minneapolis!

Thanks for reading!

Daily Horoscope Readings Expert,
Lynn Becky.


Reflection of The Stars

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Sometimes I wonder, if the stars are following me or am I following the stars. The answer much lie in somewhere between. That is, between sky and earth where the real action happens. It’s like the stars are looking down upon us, and we are looking up upon them. This creates a reflection on earth, which is called “life”.

Acrobatics to the Stars!

In the world we get into trouble when the reflection gets blurry and people get distracted from what is really happening. Usually it’s the mind that is always causing trouble, thinking that others are responsable. But the truth is that all you need it the reflection, to show you the truth. Or better than the truth, it shows you what you really want to do and how to create your own truth. But we are not alone, with the stars we feel like we belong and in harmony one can walk a path of peace and happiness in life.

So often we are looking for answers to our problems without doing anything by ourselves. While the stars may contain the capability of seeing into the past and the future. It is not meant to be used as a mind game of humans. There is a teacher in the sky, who has a clear message to give us all. But one needs to be sensitive enough to pick up that message.. and for that we need to make our mirrors clear.

Reflecting our lives is an everyday occurance, since it is an inevitable part of nature and ourselves. So let’s step up and get connected with it. And the blaming has to stop, the self reflection has to start.

Let’s make this world beautiful, shall we,
Lynn Becky


When the World Strikes Midnight

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I have always loved the night time as it brings out special characteristics and a exceptional sensitivity. The reasons behind it, is that most minds are sleeping during this time. In astronomy it becomes clear that everything is connected with everything.


And it’s not just the planets, but especially what people are doing in this world. Pausing to observe, is something that has been forgotten by many. Astrology however, is something that revives that tradition of going within oneself and pausing to concentrate on something far more important than ordinary daily life.

It can also be said, that people are pretty much creating this world with their minds and their words. As it is often with meditation, it is not easy to shut ones mind to simply look at things from the distance. To help this, the night time extremely useful when peoples mind are shut and you can more freedom in the complex matrix of this world. You can think without having too much influence from others thinking, in fact you have a better opportunity not to think at all.

Some say the night is something magical, something that has special powers. But instead of thinking in this manner, I would say that it brings that something special out that we already have. A simple recognision of our existance that goes a long way to tell us something about the way we are. And exactly that journey is what interests the true astrologist. It’s not about our future, but our current state which holds everything from our past, to our future to why we exist and for what reason.

The encyclopedia of existance strikes at midnight. A true delight of the stars!

Good night everyone,
Lynn Becky


The Power of the Moon

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The moon is a feminine planet, negative, cold as well as moist. It’s one of the biggest close-by influences we have and effects us all on a daily basis. As a feminine power, it symbolises fertility and women who are in the active position of a wife and caretaker of the family.

The Power of the Moon

All this, brings good imagination, memory, sensitivity and nobel values. That’s why when it’s full moon, one becomes more sensitive and even men can feel a strong sense of their feminity. After all, each person has both the masculine and feminin sides. Depending on the person, moon will have more or less effect on ones sensitiveness. Some being so sensitive, that they are unable to sleep at night.

What’s interesting is that it’s possible to increase the effect of the moon’s power by doing simple tricks. Such as going to the ocean or near water. By creating things, such as writing or making something with your hands. Basically anything that takes creativity will increase the unity with the rising moon sign. Then combine that with water, and white color clothes you will be able to take the most out of the moon.

That’s why I encourage people to make a kind of a moon ritual, to get in touch with the feminine and bring balance to their being. This ritual can be different for everyone, as long as you engage yourself in the feeling and let yourself go towards the magical powers of the moon.

Let us embrace the moon!

Lynn Becky


The Stars & Theatre

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I often relate theatre with the movement of the stars. There are many connections between the two, that I can find. Horoscopes are naturally connected with all aspects of life, but the concept of theatre is something close at heart in many deeply profound aspects.

Beautiful City View of Beijing

Often I have the opportunity to travel a lot for both vacations and work life. And for me, it is a kind of a quest to go and see at least one theatre production in one country. Especially if it’s something that is connected with the earth or traditions of that place. Now I have had the pleasure to visit the great city of Beijing, as shown in the beautiful picture above. There I have found out, how stars play a huge role in shaping a nation that is beyond ones imaginations. It can only be experienced, and I would not dare to try and look into it’s future and faith. Instead I go with it, observing things that are happening according to the sun and the moon. The greatest powers of the earth are at play here, and in theatre production we can see shining examples that are both profound and majestic at the same time.

While there is lot to tell about, I would like to name one fantastic acrobatic venue, known as the Tiandi Theatre that is located in the middle of the huge energy of the city Beijing. Little I could have imagined, that the performance was filled with the essence of the stars. The experience is of course different for everyone, but according to my horoscope, it’s absolutely necessary to have a deep long lasting impact for me to really enjoy something. It’s interesting, but that’s what the stars are all about for me, theatre.

Another aspect of Chinese acrobatics that always fascinated me, was the challenge of gravity. How the acrobatic feats are so terrifying at times, when people find ways to show that the human body can go against such big forces of nature. Such as gravity, balance and heights that would frighten the life out of most people. But in Beijing, these performers are not afraid. And it is my personal belief and experience, that they are indeed using the great energy that is predominant in the city of Beijing.

Just looking at the huge Tiandi Theatre building, we can see glowing lights high into the sky. Thus it is nearly impossible to miss this building.. gathering tourists from all over the world to witness the Tiandi spectacle.

After seeing the acrobatic show, one feels very much at ease. As if the moon had shined upon you it’s light and now you can be at peace. That effect, which is also known as “shining”, is an aspect of horoscopes that is noticed only by those who are sensitive enough. And the contract is indeed tremendous, of how such a busy city with so many lights, sounds and movement can hold within something very special when sensitive enough. In fact, that is one of the requirements for all the theatre performers in order to create such an amazing and fantastic show. For all I care, this could have been a circus show but it was not. It was a show of amazing skill, the Chinese way. The big way!

If in town, make sure not to miss it. While it’s not the only amazing thing to experience, it should definitely be one on the list of things to do in Beijing. You can also grab online discount tickets from their website (linked above), which convinced most people in the end. The address of the theatre is 10 Dongzhimen South Street, Dongcheng, Beijing, China. I am not sure about the subway stop, but you can find all the necessary information from the Tiandi Theatre Official website. Have fun and play safe, according to the stars! =)

Lynn Becky

PS. Tiandi Theater website updated — check out the new link!


The Power of the Sun

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In these blog posts, I will be going over a broad range of issues related to horoscopes. Including their effect on every day life. The underlying notion, is that everything is connected. Understanding horoscopes, is connected with understanding our existence and all the different elements that surrounds us.

Sunset  Power

That’s why, simply trying to look into the future is not going to do much. I am going to teach you the secrets to life itself, through the magic of the solar system! One of my favourite planets has to be the sun. It is the origin of life and perhaps the oldest target of worship because all life depends on it. It’s just magical to think about the massive power Sun has! It’s symbols are life, power, radiation, head, royalty.

But of course everything in the solar system has it’s positive and negative effects. The sun is able to make one confident, organised and exited. With the power of the sun, one is able to give to this world so much things that are beneficial. On the negative side of things, we have emotions like pride, hate, egoism and selfishness. These too are features that are connected with the power of the sun. Because it holds such tremendous energy, it can transform and extend to creations that are no longer desirable in our world.

Those people who are closely connected with the sun usually choose a profesion where they are able to “shine” and do something that they are proud of. It could be a polition, or a boss of a company. But these are sometimes dangerous professions, where finding balance with all that energy is vitally important for a positive outcome.

Aries is the most common star sign, (born between 20 March – 20 April) that holds a strong connection with the sun element. Being aware of this feature in oneself is extremely advisable, since this is perhaps one of the start signs that is more likely to get out of control. Either way, we cannot live without it and sun is what makes us thrive!