Reflection of The Stars

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Sometimes I wonder, if the stars are following me or am I following the stars. The answer much lie in somewhere between. That is, between sky and earth where the real action happens. It’s like the stars are looking down upon us, and we are looking up upon them. This creates a reflection on earth, which is called “life”.

Acrobatics to the Stars!

In the world we get into trouble when the reflection gets blurry and people get distracted from what is really happening. Usually it’s the mind that is always causing trouble, thinking that others are responsable. But the truth is that all you need it the reflection, to show you the truth. Or better than the truth, it shows you what you really want to do and how to create your own truth. But we are not alone, with the stars we feel like we belong and in harmony one can walk a path of peace and happiness in life.

So often we are looking for answers to our problems without doing anything by ourselves. While the stars may contain the capability of seeing into the past and the future. It is not meant to be used as a mind game of humans. There is a teacher in the sky, who has a clear message to give us all. But one needs to be sensitive enough to pick up that message.. and for that we need to make our mirrors clear.

Reflecting our lives is an everyday occurance, since it is an inevitable part of nature and ourselves. So let’s step up and get connected with it. And the blaming has to stop, the self reflection has to start.

Let’s make this world beautiful, shall we,
Lynn Becky


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