When the World Strikes Midnight

Posted on February 12, 2015 By

I have always loved the night time as it brings out special characteristics and a exceptional sensitivity. The reasons behind it, is that most minds are sleeping during this time. In astronomy it becomes clear that everything is connected with everything.


And it’s not just the planets, but especially what people are doing in this world. Pausing to observe, is something that has been forgotten by many. Astrology however, is something that revives that tradition of going within oneself and pausing to concentrate on something far more important than ordinary daily life.

It can also be said, that people are pretty much creating this world with their minds and their words. As it is often with meditation, it is not easy to shut ones mind to simply look at things from the distance. To help this, the night time extremely useful when peoples mind are shut and you can more freedom in the complex matrix of this world. You can think without having too much influence from others thinking, in fact you have a better opportunity not to think at all.

Some say the night is something magical, something that has special powers. But instead of thinking in this manner, I would say that it brings that something special out that we already have. A simple recognision of our existance that goes a long way to tell us something about the way we are. And exactly that journey is what interests the true astrologist. It’s not about our future, but our current state which holds everything from our past, to our future to why we exist and for what reason.

The encyclopedia of existance strikes at midnight. A true delight of the stars!

Good night everyone,
Lynn Becky


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